So sick of talking about food.

I was plucking my eyebrows this morning, and as I was lining up the tweezers to pull out one rogue hair, I noticed another longer, more obvious hair and switched over.

Just as I did it, I was like DAMMIT. I am that person.

The internet and social media have succeeded in glitching-out my brain. My attention span is like that of the fruit flies zig-zagging around my compost bin.

But then I relaxed, and realized that this was not true... for one reason:


I went back and plucked the original hair, and then proceeded to groom the rest of my brows in a focused and orderly fashion.

We must keep a grip on our minds as if our lives depend on it because they do. And so do our eyebrows.

I've been going bananas on social media this week. Everywhere I look, there are people dispensing generic self-help and health advice like it's no big deal - diluting meaningful and important lessons. Everyone and their blog is about meditation and positive thinking these days.

And then the next day they're not. The next day it's #authenticity. Then it's #cleaneating.  

I was with a girlfriend Saturday night, and I told her that only five people signed up for our webinar, three of whom were us

She was a-couple-glasses-of-wine-honest, and she sighed dramatically:

Babe. I'm just so sick of talking about food.

At first I kinda felt like I got punched in the gut. Then, I realized that this is what had been on my mind for weeks, since we started to finish my course.

I too am sick of talking about food. 

We're sick of talking about food because we're bombarded with food advice from friends, ads, and media everywhere we go. When we have a problem - any problem at all - we're told that changing what we eat is the solution.

When people come across an approach or diet they like, they'll stick to it for a couple weeks (or a day) and then another shiny object pops up and they switch over. This happens over and over again in different forms. 

I've had students who go from vegan (completely plant-based) to keto (huge intake of animal fats) in the span of a week. 

It's so hard to see things through because we think: Well what if that one works better for me? And then we switch before we see any real results, throwing our bodies and minds into an ongoing rollercoaster.

The way of eating that's going to work best for you is the simple, healthy one you choose to stick with and bank on.

 After habits have formed around the quality, quantity, and consciousness of your new way of eating, you can move on. 

Then you don't have to talk about what you 'should' eat anymore because you know what works for you, and you can advance to the next challenge in the video game of life. You'll have slayed your inner Diet Monster and moved to the next level. 👾

This is the whole point of my aforementioned program - Cool with Food 101.

Yes, we talk about food. But we do it in the way that'll help you get to a point where you don't need to talk about food anymore. Because really, food isn't the point.

The point is that we need to get a grip on the habit patterns of our minds (through consistent meditation practice) and stop being distracted by the next eyebrow hair, cleanse, or program.


If you'd like to join the first group in Cool with Food 101 you can click here to get all the details and sign up at the beta price. It's a self-study course, with 26 videos hosted by yours truly like "Weight Loss Real Talk" and "Interrupting Your Diet Cycle".

You'll learn basic, simple meditation tools to help you train your mind, figure out how to maintain and support the way of eating that will help you live your #bestlife, and then move on.

No more talking about food... except pondering what delicious meal to make for dinner.

Hit reply if you have any questions.


Here's the link to COOL WITH FOOD 101.

Jen Boyle