Raspberry Steel Cut Oats Instant-Pot-Style

Image and recipe by the lovely Leah Holliday @misshollidayz

Image and recipe by the lovely Leah Holliday @misshollidayz

Dayyyum it’s getting cold out.

I’m all over the sweaters and wooly socks and it’s only September so I’m starting to see how this fall/winter season is shaping up: CHILLY. Even though that ‘s not a shape. 😐

What do we do when it’s chilly? We eat warm, scrumptious breakfasts, that’s what.

Batch cooking oats is the best. You can just grab them from the fridge and throw them in a pot, add some coconut cream (because you can always use more coconut cream) and let them warm up while you do other stuff. Like sit beside the fireplace and cuddle your dog. Obvi.

So, with no further witty banter because I know that’s a huge peeve for recipe sites, here’s our raspberry steel cut oats with coconut cream. You can whip these up in a breeze - no stirring required because we all know how hard it is to stir.

Ingredients (This makes 2 portions so double it to make leftovers):

⁠⁠- 1 cup steel cut oats⁠

- 1 cup canned coconut cream (or any milk but this is our fav!)

⁠- 1/2 cup water

⁠- a big handful of frozen raspberries⁠⁠


Throw everything in your Instant Pot, set to manual - 5-7 minutes depending on if you like that ish a little al dente or nice and gooey.

You can do a quick or natural release for this recipe. Top with ANOTHER scoop of coconut cream (because why not), a drizzle of pure maple syrup, and a handful of pumpkin seeds or hemp hearts… really whatever your heart desires (within reason, savoury toppings would be gross).

If you make this, tag us on Instagram so we know how cool you are with food, even though these oats will make you warm with food.


Jen Boyle