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set your own standards


Beauty standards. Body standards. Love standards. Life standards.

Conscious standards.


How can i be of service?


Set your standards

Snobology - The Art of Conscious Standards is the free e-book to help you engineer your own life policies so you're making decisions by design, not default.


be cool with food   ...

Are you done obsessing about food, body image & weight loss? This free, 3-video series will help you eat well and be healthy on your own terms.

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CTFO (chill the f**k out)

Life is crazy. You don't have to be. This intro course on practical mindfulness is for the discerning human choosing to turn down the madness and turn up the chill.

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FREE LIVE Online Workshop:

your new way with food

Jen circle

Coming very soon.


  • The eight stages of The Diet Cycle, and how they de-rail your goals

  • The three (super simple) steps to being cool with food

  • What does 'being weird with food' mean? and how to tell how weird you are with food.
  • The missing element to successful, sustainable weight loss
  • Actionable tips on how to finally feel good in your body - regardless of weight, shape, or size.

Jen just...calms me down.

"She talks about things that really matter to me - things that matter to so many women...but that we don't tell many people. I should know; I spend my days listening to women talk about their ish while I make them beautiful for the world. They tell me everything. I'm a safe space.

When I read Jen's articles, I get just how important it is for us to be setting our own standards, aware of how false things are on social media, and open to different ways of looking at things. I mean, if we don't, and we just take what's "out there" as reality, we're in big trouble.

I feel like her work puts things in perspective, and that really helps with my anxiety." - Lena Gulerian,

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book a workshop with jennifer

All these screens, robots, and internets can be a bit much sometimes, don't ya think? Book a 4-hour in-person workshop at your studio or for your staff, and help your people transform they way they eat in a way that has nothing to do with diets or cliché wellness tips. We talk about social conditioning, diet culture, media literacy, how messed up our relationship with food has become, and how we can heal from all of it.